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Tory Burch Private Sale

As you all should know by now, I love me some Tory Burch! I wanted to share how the Tory Burch Private sale started today and how these items are actually part of the sale! All items are up to 70% off and it includes free shipping! Although the exact colors of these types of footwear shown in the picture are not a part of the sale, I went ahead and linked the styles in the colors that ARE part of the sale! Trust me, you’ll want to take a look! Last year, I got the espadrilles and a cute Tory Burch wallet from the sale and they were a fraction of the cost!

  1. These Minnie Travel Ballet flats are literally the most comfiest flats I’ve ever worn. I’m not kidding! They have extra padding on the balls of the feet which make it so comfy and you can wear these ALL day! As a part of the sale, Tory Burch is offering these Minnie Travel Ballet flats in the colors: GunMetal, Silver, and Gold. She also has the exact same style but with a less metallic look, in Ivory.

2. These are the Tory Burch sandals that everyone wants! I have worn these sandals so much that I’m pretty sure it is time for a new pair! Although this cognac color is not a part of the sale, the Metallic Snake Print Leather Miller Sandal is! Better grab it before it’s completely sold out!

3. Another item that I love getting from Tory Burch is their riding boots! They are made so well and are easily styled with so many outfits! The riding boots in the picture were from a season a few years back so these exact ones aren’t a part of the sale but these Jolie Riding Boot’s are!

4. These are the espadrilles that I thankfully purchased from a sale Tory Burch had last year and I love how easy these are to slip on with some casual clothes! Since these exact ones are no longer being sold, I attached these espadrilles that are very similar and these Color-block ones that I think are just as cute!

The sale contains a lot more products than what I have shown here so go take a look for yourself! Just make sure that you walk and not run because these items are flying off the shelves fast!

Please let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to leave any comments!

Much Love,



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