Our Colorado Trip: Part 2

With me being a RN, I am so used to waking up very early for work so on our vacation, it was no different. We were awake and ready for the day at 6:00 AM on Day 2 and opted in for the complimentary breakfast our hotel offered. Knowing that nothing would be open at 6:00 in the morning, we decided to head back up to our hotel room and wait until it was a more reasonable time to walk around the city. So, 7:30 AM in single-digit weather, sounds like a reasonable time to roam around a city we’ve never been to right? Yeah, we didn’t think so either but we were bored of being in our hotel room and decided to do it anyways.


With our base layers, sweaters, coats, gloves, beanies, and snow boots on, we were off to roam Downtown Denver. We first started back on 16th street to explore the other side of it that we didn’t get to explore the night before and we came across an awesome (and cozy) bookstore called Tattered Cover Book Store. Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to read. I could literally spend an entire day in a bookstore and not regret that my whole day was spent there reading. So when I saw Tattered Cover Book Store, I begged Jesus to stop and go inside. Thankfully I didn’t have to do much begging because… 1. it was single digits outside and the bookstore was warm and 2. Jesus knows it would be so mean to not allow me to stop and see the inside of this bookstore.

Tattered Cover Book Store

The Tattered Cover Book Store is so warm and inviting! It has like a large living room feel with so many nooks and crannies to sit and just read your day away. Unfortunately, I knew I couldn’t spend my entire last full day in Denver at this bookstore (even though I secretly wish I could) so after 30 minutes of looking around, we continued to explore Downtown Denver.

A mural we found near our hotel that we thought was beautiful!

We headed back to our hotel around 9:00 AM because we had plans that day to tour the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The one place I knew that we had to visit while in Denver was the Sports Authority Field at Mile High because I knew it would mean so much to Jesus. Just as I mentioned in the previous post, Jesus is a Die-hard Denver Broncos fan so we made sure we had enough time to visit their stadium.


The tour guide we had was wonderful! He was so knowledgeable about the team and stadium that the tour was so interesting and kept me engaged the entire time! Even if you are not a die-hard Broncos fan (like me) I would still recommend touring the facility because it was actually pretty fun!



After touring the Sports Authority Field, we were starving so I had already planned for us to head back to the hotel, valet park our rental car, and then walk to 16th street where we would have lunch at Mellow Mushroom. I know what you’re thinking. Mellow Mushroom? It sounds like a place you go to smoke a joint. Don’t worry. All it is, is a pretty awesome pizza place in Downtown Denver. Staff was so friendly there and the pizza was great!

After lunch, I had planned for us to drive out to Morrison, Colorado to view the Red Rock Amphitheatre. The Red Rock Amphitheatre is only a short 30 minute drive from Denver and a location in the mountains that actually holds real live concerts through out the year! When I tell you this place is GORGEOUS, I really do mean it and none of the pictures I took even shows how beautiful this place really is!




Our failed attempt to get a couple selfie showing off this adorable little tunnel we went through!
Exploring the Red Rock Amphitheatre really made us see what difference elevation can do to your energy levels. Walking up and down the steps here, had us out of breath and needing to take more breaks than what we thought we would need. All-in-all we believe that the Red Rock Amphitheatre is a must-see place when you’re in or around the Denver area.

Since the Red Rock Amphitheatre took most of our energy away, we decided to get back to the hotel to take a little nap before dinner. For dinner, we found ourselves at The Source. The Source reminded me of The Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market. It had multiple restaurants and different vendors all under one roof. While at the source, we ate at Comida. I will honestly say I was a little skeptical about eating Mexican food in Denver because I am very picky with Mexican food in general AND I didn’t think Denver could possibly cook great mexican food. I mean, when you think of a city that has great mexican food, Denver doesn’t pop up. But I am glad to say that the mexican food at Comida was the bomb! I couldn’t tell you what Jesus and I ordered but either way, both of our plates were delicious and surpassed our expectations. While we were there I also ordered a Tequila flight that they had on the menu and that was just as great as the food! So if Mexican food is something you want while visiting Denver, then I highly recommend coming to The Source and trying Comida!

Well thats the end of my second post guys and I hope you are enjoying these posts about our Colorado trip! The next post will be on March 1st (which is my birthday month) so I’ll be posting a birthday wish list next week!

Much Love,



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