Our Colorado Trip: Part 1

Jesus (my fiancé) and I started the last month of 2016 at a place we always wanted to vacation to together: Denver, Colorado. Jesus has always been a Denver Broncos fan since he was a little kid (he even had the team’s entire uniform growing up) and I had visited Colorado for a soccer tournament and always wanted to come back. So we thought, let’s plan a trip to Denver, Colorado! We actually talked about this trip for years but we never went through with it. Something always came up that would make us push the vacation off.

Thankfully, I follow a page on Facebook called CheapDFW. This Facebook page posts airline deals flying out of the DFW area and I luckily found a deal out of Dallas to Denver for ONLY $70 roundtrip! Can you believe the excitement I felt?! I immediately tagged Jesus to that post and he texted me with: “Let’s do it!” Now, I’m not one to jump on things. I like to thoroughly think things through before committing (I overthink things constantly) so it actually took us a couple of days to actually buy the tickets but we finally ended up buying them!

Just like having to wait for anything exciting in life, it took forever for the day to come, but we were finally off to Denver on December 7th! So guys, we’re from Dallas, Texas and we have NEVER seen REAL snow like EVER! When we landed in Denver, there was snow EVERYWHERE! I am not scared to admit I squealed like a little kid when our plane landed and I saw all the snow! We landed in Denver at 7:00 AM which meant we needed to find something to do before we could check-in to our hotel at 3:00 PM. I know, what was I thinking flying in so early when we couldn’t even check-in until way later? Remember guys, $70 roundtrip tickets means limited times for flights to choose from. Either way, my overthinking-self had already made an itinerary of what we will be doing on the trip so I had our days planned out already. (Yes, I’m that freak that has to have everything planned out).

So the first thing on the itinerary was to pick-up our rental car and then we can stop and have breakfast. After picking up our rental car from Dollar Express (where we ended up paying 4x the amount quoted for us but that’s a whole other story that would need to be written on another post) we were finally off to Revelry Kitchen in Denver, CO. To give you an idea of the location where Revelry Kitchen is in Denver, it is like being in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas. Revelry Kitchen wasn’t too far from Downtown Denver but it was in a neighborhood that has come a long way from what it was and is still up-and-coming (Dallasites will know what I’m talking about).

Revelry Kitchen is a hole-in-the-wall place. If you were to see it while driving by, you wouldn’t think to stop and try it. Upon entering the restaurant it was small and quaint but SO inviting! Staff was extremely nice and we were seated promptly.


Side Note: They have the best water in Colorado! Like unbelievably clean, yummy water!

Jesus and I were surprised at how UH-MAZING their food was! I ordered the Biscuits & Gravy and it was no ordinary biscuits and gravy. These came with chorizo gravy. Yes, you read that right! Chorizo. Gravy. The dish (pictured below) came with charred green chile biscuits topped with eggs, pico de gallo, and the infamous chorizo gravy! Jesus ordered the Northside Rancheros, which he also loved!


This picture does not do the food any justice! My photography skills are not up to par but if you are ever in Denver, Colorado and looking for a brunch spot, you should definitely try Revelry Kitchen!

After we had our delicious breakfast, it was still only about 10:00 AM so we were now off to explore The Capitol of Colorado. The Capitol of Colorado had a lot of beautiful buildings and we tried to kill time walking around taking pictures but let me mind you, it was in the single digits in Denver that day we arrived. A cold front had come through and brought the first winter-feel weather every Coloradan was waiting for. Needless to say, we only lasted about an hour in the frigid temperatures but we still got some great photos:

Now it’s closer to 11:00 AM and our Texas hands and feet are practically frozen (we weren’t aware how important base layers and snow boots were at this point). So we gave in and decided to check-in early to our hotel.

We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown-Convention Center (I know, it’s a mouthful). Although we had to pay $39 per day for valet parking (there was no other form of parking available), we enjoyed our stay at the hotel. Their staff was very nice and courteous, the place was always well-kept, and the location of the hotel in Downtown Denver was great! One downside was that the website gave us false hope that we actually had a restaurant connected to the hotel and it was actually only a bar that served no food (only drinks). So when we thought about staying in one night and eating in the hotel restaurant, we were upset to find that this “restaurant” didn’t serve any food. Anyways, if you’re interested in staying in Downtown Denver for numerous days, their hotel rooms all come equipped with a little kitchenette that included a fridge, microwave, and stove! We only stayed in Downtown Denver for two days so we didn’t get much use from the kitchen. I almost forgot to mention, they also offered complimentary breakfast buffet (which tasted like any other hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet) and “complimentary evening socials” during weekdays in which they would host dinners for guests. We didn’t attend the “evening socials” because we really wanted to get out and explore Denver’s food.

The fireplace in the lobby of the hotel was great to sit by when we came back to the hotel freezing!

After taking a much-needed nap (we were awake since 2:00 AM in the morning), we decided to put on our base layers and walk to Paramount Cafe which was only a block from our hotel. Paramount Cafe turned out to be a bummer for us. There was nothing special about it as it was just typical bar food. After our stomachs were satisfied we decided to head back to the hotel and rest.

After getting even more rest, we decided to have dinner at Corner Bakery off 16th street. We love Corner Bakery and just decided to eat somewhere familiar instead of a place we’ve never been to. 16th Street mall was one of those “must-do” things I had seen online to do while in Denver. 16th street mall is a 1.25 mile-long, outdoor mall that is off 16th street (obviously). The mall has it’s own free shuttle service that has stops at every block and was so convenient. The first night we mostly explored the stores nearest to our hotel and since it was the beginning of December, they had a bunch of Christmas lights everywhere, which it made it even more beautiful!

After we explored 16th street mall for an hour, we decided to head back to the hotel because despite all the rest we got during the day, we were still ready to sleep early-on.

I still have more to talk about on our Colorado trip as this was only about the first day! If you would like to hear more about our trip to Colorado, next week’s post will be the second installment of this series! Please leave any feedback you may have for me!

Much Love,



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